Our Story

N'gai... is a progressive Artisan Collective. It is the intersection of talented, expressive creatives. We are Textile Designers, Painters, Photographers, and Graphic Designers. Our energy and creativity are expressed in multiple contemporary capsule collections.



Pronounced n-gay; Swahili for "the chosen one” and is the monolithic Supreme God in the spirituality of the Kikuyu (or Gikuyu) of Kenya. N'gai is creator of the universe and all in it. Regarded as the omnipotent God, the Kikuyu worshipped N'gai facing the Mt. Kirinyaga (Mount Kenya) while prayers and rituals were performed under the sacred Mugumo tree (a fig tree species). N'gai was often referred to as "Mwene Nyaga", meaning "Owner of the Dazzling Light".

The way we sing outside of our bodies and the way we live to dance

It’s how we heal, administer self-care, celebrate & choose to love and be loved

It’s our commitment to amplifying life, living out loud and unapologetically realizing our dreams

Let the soulful merriment begin! This is N’gai... 


Nicole King

Founder, Creative Director, Designer and Curator of N'gai the Collective, was born with creativity in her DNA. Her father, a Harvard grad architect, and mother, a renowned creative artist and Smithsonian Institute recognized indigo textile designer, provided a nurturing creative environment where Nicole was encouraged to explore and express her artistic self-expression from a young age.

Nicole’s simplicity of vision belies a studious attention to the entire world of fashion. “I’m not interested in dressing the world, just those with an inimitable sense of style and an appreciation for exceptional detail,” says King. 

Nicole gently nods to the sexier side of tomboy, infusing her boyish casual charm into ultra-feminine silhouettes. The result is consistent - a collection of effortless, timeless, beautifully reimagined classics and the delivery of stylish, bottom line-impacting, and newsworthy deliverables she and her clients will remain proud of.

Inspired by Indigo

Indigo is a sacred & protective blue/green plant with origins of her use rooted over time and across the world including West Africa, East Asia, South & Central America, and the US. It is the foundation of centuries-old textile traditions, artistic expression and spiritual rituals. It is the unifying intersection of material, process, design and style - the essential elements of N’gai…The Collective.

In the spirit of community and sustainability, we have collaborated with extraordinary artisans who have lent their hand made prints to our design process, allowing us to digitally print their creations on demand, while also giving back to and growing our community of artisans.

The intersection of style, sustainability and community.


Our Process

Each garment is made to order or "on demand" only after it is purchased.

Each piece is a stylish expression of our commitment to creating apparel with style & integrity. We thoughtfully design and curate limited-edition “collectables” available in measured quantities, for a limited time.

Learn More about our production process

Zero waste as a priority.

Human dignity vs human sacrifice.

Craftsmanship over expendability.

Respect for the environment over cutting costs.

Clothing that is a reflection of meaningful connection to our lives. 

We create modern, wearable works of art.

Photos by Timothy Hill


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